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Groups of symmetries have long played a central role in physics. For example, groups of symmetries act on local observables, which are then organized according to their transformation laws.  Nonlocal observables and operators are present in many theories.  They often transform under more general mathematical objects: higher groups of higher form symmetries.  These generalized symmetries are playing an important role in theoretical studies in both high energy and condensed matter physics.

Higher symmetries have many applications.  They are an effective tool for the classification of phases, they provide guidance for investigating dualities, they can be used to study bosonization in higher dimensions, and they have been used to formulate the hydrodynamic theory of strongly interacting plasmas. 

The workshop will bring together high energy theorists, condensed matter theorists, and mathematicians who may already be actively applying higher symmetries in their work or may be interested in learning about them.

March 17-22, 2019, Aspen Center for Physics

Application deadline is December 15, 2018

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